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the ghost of a pale girl is solemnly following me...

pale, will she follow me into the sea?

Miss Erica
xxx Mi Ruina xxx
The wages of sin hold my heart hostage
My mouth is still cruel
My skin is in bondage
My body is scarred from lyrics I've carved
Bruises I've healed, lips that I've starved
Wounds I've replaced with love and with hate
The truth set me free but my faith was raped
I've broken my silence
Lied to myself
Spoken in violence
Been someone else
Screamed at my demons
Prayed to my god
Begged for forgiveness
My hands are still hot

hot like fire. now watch me burn

she said "there is no truth in beauty covered in make-up"

eat your fucking filthy heart out

we chase misprinted lies
we face the path of time
and yet i fight
and yet i fight this BATTLE all alone.
no one to cry to
no place to call home

my gift of self is raked
my privacy is raped
and yet i find
and yet i find repeating in my head,
if i can't be my own
i'd feel better dead.
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