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Swallowed. Hollowed.

I have been corresponding back and forth with Layne Staley's mother. I reicieved TWO emails from her today. I love her. She is sooo great and incredibly smart and has such a way with words.
I love confessing my sins to complete strangers. Haha.

anyway, things have been alright on this side of the shade.
hung out with heaher and her new bf the other night. it was definately fun, AND her friend, and my new best friend, Nick said that he would tattoo me for free, which is always an excellant thing. i have all my tattoos all planned out already. they are going to look so fucking good. he tattoos in a shop in NH, and his work is really really fucking good.so, hahaha and a big FUCK YOU to all of those kids out there getting shitty crooked tattoos of dumb generic shit from some lame-o fucking high smoking weed, tattooing underage kids out of his basement... yea, that's wicked fucking cool huh? haha. fucking losers.

anyhow, ralf and i have been just great lately too. we are so in love it's sick to watch us together.
we both attended a cook out at my father's house earlier today and it was really really nice to be there. honestly, i was excited to go, because my cousin Jimmy was there and i haven't seen him in over ten years, and it was really really cool to find that he had grown up to be pretty cool. he plays guitar and digs Led Zepplin and Nirvana and all the early 90's bands that i love oh-so-much, and especially, he likes ALICE IN CHAINS, which is all that matters to me. ;)

anyhow, ralf just showed up here at my friends house, so i am off to be with my baby and watch some flicks.

see you all around.

butterfly heart and bruised arms,
Miss Erica

Not too fucked

"Rose white. Rose red. Rose up in my head. God I HATE you. God is DEAD."


Jun. 1st, 2004 10:30 am (UTC)
the house of joda loves you.you didnt call me back that night we really would have came.i slept all day and all night nick got me sick i think cause he sick too so watch out for sickies!you should come hang out again soon big trouble could be happening billys court date is the 3rd mine is the 10th :(so you should come hang out this weekend in case billys going to jail and i loose my license.

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