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01: what is your first memory of me:
02: how long have we been friends:
03: tell about one memory we share together:
04: describe me in four adjectives:
05: if we could spend a day together what would we do:
06: name one thing you really don't like about me:
07: name one thing you really do like about me:
08: if you could give me a gift what would it be:
09: have we ever gotten in a fight & about what:
10: have we ever hugged:
11: have we ever danced with each other:
12: have you ever seen me cry:
13: have i ever offended you:
14: what is something embarrassing that i've done:
15: what do i usually look like when you see me:
16: what do i say all the time\whats my catch phrase:
17: do you think we will be friends in 5 years:
18: do you think i am bitchy:
19: has there been anything you wanted to tell me, but didn't:
20: what advice would you give me, in general:
21: wanna make out:
22: suggest a band / cd for me to listen to:
23: is there a song that reminds you of me:


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Jan. 26th, 2004 09:50 am (UTC)
1.us holding hands walking around downtown.
2.i dont know i think i was 15 when we started hangin out?you disappeared a few times,though i think we picked back up pretty well a year ago.
3.long summer nights,too many memories."i came in and there were 2 girls sleeping in my bed,thats fucking hott"
5.wed go to the beach with lil powerpuff girl umbrellas and try to make sand castles with one hand.
6.your choice of cooping mechanisms.
7.your sense of humor
8.all the writings youve ever lost.
9.quite a few
10.of course
11.i think we might have at the sophomore social haha
12.yes :(
13.yes but only briefly
14.? i can tell you something embarrassing that ive done,passed out in your bathroom haha
16.it prolly has to do with asscrack cause you love the stuff
18.at certain times you go the way of the bitch,but i know theres a reason for that
20.stop being the girl i gave you for christmas and start being the genius painter,writer,poet you know your are.
21.yes ;p
22.i dont think i could suggest anything you havent heard.
23.prolly something by alice in chains,any time i hear any of their songs i think of you i wonder why that is??
<3 <3
Jan. 26th, 2004 06:34 pm (UTC)
hey what happened to 4?? weird. beautiful,complicated,funny,genius
Jan. 26th, 2004 10:24 am (UTC)
hmph. i love filling these out. sadly we have yet to meet in person. one day, hopefully.
Jan. 26th, 2004 02:58 pm (UTC)
01: When I first met you:I skipped school with Elle and we watched Basketball Diaries at yr house( Meces Pieces :) was sooo small and she attacked my arms)- I remember thinking how nice you were for letting us just come right in and chill in your living room.
02: I believe we started talking over the summer a lot and maybe before that.
03: you taking care of me and good times at the old house.
04: Gorgeous, loyal, rockstar*, angel
05: We would do the usual, but I wish we could go to a party or a show or something- we will soon/
06: I like everything about you Miss Valentine <3
07: You're style and you personality
08: A laptop :( ...and a beautiful house in L.A. where we'd party all night like goddesses, & sleep all day.
09: No, we never have. ;)
10: Yess!
11: haha, no, I tried to dance with you on friday, but you didn't dance back. hahahaha/
12: No
13: Negative.
14: Nothing that you've done. But I can think of something embarrasing I've done!~overwhelmed and crying at a great time.
15: Amazing- you always look so pretty no matter what.
16: Umm, I'm not sure...'Weiland?'
17: yes.
18: Not to me- not at all.
19: I tell you pretty much everything and anything that goes on...there's an unspoken bond between us.
20: You have something that no one else has inside of them...take advantage of it. You deserve everything wonderful
21: Absolutely
22: I'm going with Heather- there isn't a band I could recommend that you haven't heard of.
23: "No Excuses"-"You my friend I will defend" Alice in Chains

Jan. 28th, 2004 06:38 pm (UTC)
memories of you...
1-sitting in a chair quiet and shy.
2-1 1/2 years.
3-eating cream of wheat at the resturant in somerville.
4-mysterious, beautiful, intelligent, artistic
6-your sadness
7-your words
8-a journal
9-no fights
10-yes we've hugged
11-no dancing
12-i have seen you cry
13-you have never offended me
14-you danced to "fuck dem other hoes and fuck dem other bitches"
17-you'll be in my soul forever
18-no...not bitchy
19-i have told you everything i've ever needed to say
20-advice:..."don't be reckless with peoples hearts, and don't put up with people being reckless with yours"
21-yes...sidewalk kisses
22-just a song..."cathedrals"---by jump little children
23-"show me that you love me and that we belong together. relax turn around and take my hand"
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